Everything starts with a conversation

Helping you define your strategy

We get you and your team around a table so we can understand what sets your business apart from the competition. We’ll get you to articulate the values that are meaningful to you, your users, your customers and your stakeholders.

Stakeholder workshops

We get together with your stakeholders, give them some guidelines to stimulate the discussion and get them talking and debating. Balancing viewpoints in a group environment ensures that the output is representative of the wider business.

Competitor analysis

Understanding what the competition is up to can help you understand where you should be positioning yourself in the marketplace. Using the data that we gather will help benchmark your organisation and guide and inform your product / service strategy moving forward.

Brand audits

Consumers experience brands in many different ways – online, mobile, social and in-store. We look at each point of interaction that consumers have with your brand – the experience points – to capture what impact each area is having and how this could be optimised to create a better experience.

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