Creating an amazing experience

Helping you develop a product

Based on real-life data and customer insight we apply an iterative user-centred design process to develop intuitive, engaging and functional experiences. Our knowledge of industry best practice ensures that we produce usable information and site architectures that meet your users’ needs and objectives.

We've helped a few start-ups take their web or mobile app products from an idea to a proof of concept working prototype or a ready for launch beta version. If you're interested in how we could help you do the same then just get in touch for an initial (under NDA of course) discussion with Melanie Harrison and let's talk about how we can help.

Information architecture (IA)

A labyrinth like site without clear signposts is no good to man nor beast. The information architecture forms the structural skeleton of your site. It defines where content lives and how the user navigates to it. Stakeholder workshops and open or closed card sorting exercises help us to create functional wireframes, ensuring that the user can always find the information that they want and that it is exactly where they expect it to be.


Wireframes are your “blueprint for design.” They are hand-drawn sketches used to connect the underlying conceptual structure (information architecture) to the surface (or visual design) of your website or mobile app. They are a visual representation of your user interface, used to communicate the structure, content, information hierarchy, functionality and behavior.

Interactive prototyping

We always wireframe first, but sometimes it’s simply not easy to visualise an interaction on paper. That’s where the prototype comes in – they are an ideal middle ground between hand-drawn wireframes and the final implementation. We produce clickable HTML prototypes from your wireframes, which are then tested by stakeholders and users to help shape any subsequent iterations before the creative process begins.

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