Insight is everything

Audience Research

Understanding your audience is a crucial step to developing and delivering a great digital experience. We like to ask questions – lots of them – so that we can identify the behaviours, contexts and needs of your existing and potential customers and how you can best respond to those demands.

User interviews

By conducting one-on-one, paired or grouped interviews we get inside your customers’ head so that we can get their view on things. The aim of these interviews is not just to talk about how your customers use your product or service, but more importantly to understand where there are opportunities to improve your offering.

Persona development

If you can’t think like your customer then you can’t design for your customer. Personas represent your different types of customer – they bring to life the varying backgrounds, goals and barriers of your audience – they are data-driven and based on the research and insights we gather during the user interview process.

Customer experience mapping

We map every touch point between you and the customer, from initial contact, through to purchase, after sales support, and onto renewal / repurchase. We contrast the experience you provide against the experience your customer would like to receive so that we can identify the most important factors from the customers’ perspective in ensuring loyalty to your brand.

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